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AJ Window Cleaners uses the latest technology, equipment and safety trained crews to provide crystal clean windows for your company.
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New Construction Properties

Construction buildingAs the old adage goes, “Time is money”; this is especially true when it comes to construction. Building and property mangers needing to orchestrate multiple vendors to complete a project by the due date and within budget. At AJ Window Cleaning Services, we use the latest equipment and technology to clean your building quickly and professionally.

We have served many clients in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas over the past 19 years. Our crew uses an organized and systematic approach to cleaning small and large scale construction projects; by utilizing our service, you will be one step closed to meeting your grand opening date with less frustration.

We personally meet face-to-face with building and property managers to walk the job site to determine the scope of the project. This allows us to quickly find out where to start and finish, and how to price our service right for you the first time! Our expertise on construction sites range from cleaning up job sites; experience with fabricating debris (bad glass), expertly removing stickers and residue, and cleaning frames.

Our 2-10 man crew will fulfilled all areas of the contract, on time, by following the detailed cleaning plan written by AJ Window Cleaning Service; and will wear hard hats, safety shoes and glasses on site at all times. We are typically available to service your project needs all year; weather permitting.

Every building is unique and safety is always of paramount concern; not just for our crew but for your existing workforce on site. We are certified through IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association); a charter member of IWCA’s safety program, a member of master window cleaners of America and we have personally written safety and training programs for our crew and can integrate this with your existing programs to safety for all.

AJ Window Cleaning is available during daytimes, night turn and weekends depending on the scope of your project and your schedule.

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IWCA logo- blackLearn more about our AJ Window Cleaning Service and discover a company whose goals and ethics are centered on God. AJ Lopata, President, is a devoted Christian who guarantees safety on the job site and complete satisfaction. 25 year member of IWCA, Charter member of IWCA Safety certification program, member of master window cleaners of America, company has written safety and training programs.



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