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AJ Window Cleaners uses the latest technology, equipment and safety trained crews to provide crystal clean windows for your company.
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High Rise Buildings

High Rise building 2These mega structures of modern society shape the skyline of cities across America. Our company, AJ Window Cleaning Services, uses the latest equipment and technology to clean the exterior of these mega skyline structures in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Every building is unique and safety is always of paramount concern; not just for our crew but for pedestrians below and to ensure no damage is done to the building when it is being cleaned. We have been in business for over 19 years and are certified through IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association); a charter member of IWCA’s safety program, a member of master window cleaners of America and we have personally written safety and training programs for our crew.

When you hire our company to professionally clean your building you can be guaranteed you will be working with seasoned experts. We treat every client as individuals and thoroughly investigate the site before a final, fair price service quote is given.
Our policy is standard, “Safety Always!” We meet with your managers to inspect the building roof tops, parking lot, sidewalks, and anywhere else that may present a possible safety issue before working on a written work plan. The necessity High Rise Safety is explained to your supervising managers to make sure there are NO accidents onsite and unexpected expectations on completing the service due to bad weather conditions.

AJ Window Cleaning will work closely with you to determine the frequency of our service for your building and a schedule will be set. Generally tenants are notified in advanced of our crew’s presence.

2-4 Men are on the job every day from start to finish. To prepare the building our crew first secures the roof top and rigs building with all the necessary equipment. The crew wears full body harness, shock absorbing lanyard, figure 8 self rescue attachments. At the end of the day the pent house door is locked to guarantee no unauthorized staff can gain access to our equipment and the top of the building.

AJ Window Cleaning is available during daytimes, night turn and weekends depending on the scope of your project and your schedule.

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IWCA logo- blackLearn more about our AJ Window Cleaning Service and discover a company whose goals and ethics are centered on God. AJ Lopata, President, is a devoted Christian who guarantees safety on the job site and complete satisfaction. 25 year member of IWCA, Charter member of IWCA Safety certification program, member of master window cleaners of America, company has written safety and training programs.



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